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Many of the amazing products I use in my sessions and suggest to my clients are Nature's Sunshine Products. Nature's Sunshine is a natural health product company that produces top quality nutritional supplements, essential oils, herbs, vitamins, flower essences, personal care products, as well as, natural cleaning and cooking products, cleansing products and weight management products.


I have worked as an Independent Distributor for Nature's Sunshine Products since 2015. Their product quality and customer service are unparalleled by any other company of this type that I have encountered. You can always buy Nature's Sunshine Products from me here on my website. But, you also have the option to be a wholesale buyer or to build a business of your own. All you have to do is purchase $40.00 in product and you will receive your membership for FREE! No minimums or meeting requirements, just 100% pure quality products delivered right to your door.

Want to become a member? Let me know, I can help!

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Nature's Sunshine Products
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