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My Philosophy:

To be truly well, you need to be healthy physically, mentally, and energetically. People see doctors for their physical health, therapists for their mental health, but very few people see a professional for their energetic health. This part of the wellness puzzle is not often thought of in today's society. The hustle and bustle of our lives stop us from focusing on getting enough of the calm, quiet moments we need to stay energetically balanced. Though most people don’t see this as a problem, our energetic health is critical to the success of both our mental and physical health. My goal as your Wellness Coach is to integrate energetic balance into your busy schedule.


Believe it not, it is easier than you think! As a wife, working mom of two, and generally regular person, I understand that it isn't always practical to think about your energetic health. But, I can help you to make this practice just another normal part of your day. All the sessions and services I offer will help you to develop a realistic wellness practice that you can use in your everyday life. In addition to that, I offer healing services and natural health products that can help you to achieve this goal with ease. 

Contact & Hours:

Brittney Down

Fenton, MI.



Monday  | 4:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Tuesday | 4:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Wednesday | 4:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Thursday | 4:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Friday | 4:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Saturday | 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Sunday | CLOSED

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Wellness Coach?

  • A Wellness Coach is a professional who helps you assess and heal your current physical, mental, & energetic state. When working with a Wellness Coach you will set goals for what you want to achieve in your overall health & wellness. Then, you work with your Coach in a variety of ways to reach these goals. I personally specialize in Natural Health & Wellness, but Wellness Coaches come in all shapes, sizes, and specialties.

Is this a religious practice?

  • No. Energy Healing is not affiliated with any religion or religious practice, nor is it based on belief of suggestion. However, I have found that those who have integrated their personal belief structure into their Wellness Practice have found much greater success.

How does energetic health work?

  • A person's energy should be strong and free flowing. When it is, the body and mind will maintain a more positive state of health. When your energy becomes negative, weak, or blocked it often leads to symptoms of physical or mental unwell. Bringing about a state of energetic balance will help your body to facilitate an environment for healing on all levels.

What types of ailments can Energetic Balance heal?

  • Because Energy Healing works to restore the natural healing processes of the body, it has a positive impact on all forms of ailments; Physical and Mental - Minor and Severe.

Should I stop seeing my Primary Care Doctor or Therapist?

  • Absolutely not! Energy Healing should not be used as a substitute for any medical protocol already in place for you. Over time, if symptoms subside a meeting with your established physician is always recommended before stopping any prescribed medications or treatment plans. Energetic Health is only one part of your overall wellness and is best healed while still being mindful of your physical and mental health.

How do I get involved?

  • Become a Member:

    • Click the Login Bar located at the top right of my website to create your own Member Profile.

  • Book an Appointment:

    • If this is your first time working with me, I strongly recommend you start by booking a Wellness Consultation. This will help us figure out the best Wellness plan for you. Though I do offer all services individually, clients see a much higher success rate when following a Wellness Plan created just for them.

  • Refer a friend:

    • If you know someone that could benefit from my services, let them know! Send me a message with their contact information or pass my information along to them and you will receive $5.00 off your next session!

Still have questions? Let me know!

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